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Designing a chair is always a challenge. It is repetitive to the point of satiety and it is easy to think of looking for something different, but that is cheating because the important thing in a chair is basically its style, which invites to sit and integrate in any environment. The chair “Dual” is actually a collection with a common base and several alternative backrest, armchair chair with arms or without, X or XL. But the best is to sit on it.






Capdell|Dual (482) by Gabriel Teixidó

  • • 尺寸:57x55x71公分

    • 材質:櫸木、布料

    • 設計/產地:西班牙

  • 價格依材質會有些微異動,如需報價請與我們聯繫。



    【 MULA DECO 樺品生活時尚 】


    營業時間:週一至週五 09:00-18:00 



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